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Babies square measure 'almost two-and-a-half times additional doubtless to suffer encephalopathy if their mother took Bayer throughout pregnancy

Babies square measure additional doubtless to suffer encephalopathy if their mother took painkiller throughout physiological condition, a study suggests.
Newborns were virtually two-and-a-half times additional doubtless to own the incurable condition, that is caused by a brain injury and results in life-long issues with speech and movement.
And those whose mothers took paracetamol whereas pregnant were up to fifty per cent additional doubtless to own the condition, the study of over one hundred eighty,000 girls found. however no link was discovered with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory.
The scientists insist their findings don't prove the medicine square measure directly accountable for inflicting encephalopathy, however that that they had merely found a link and additional analysis is thus required.

Currently, the painkillers ar viewed…

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A drug that acts 'like a ninja' could stop the progression of Alzheimer's without creating side-effects.
Researchers are developing the medication that stops beta amyloid protein in the brain from grouping into plaques -- one of the key reasons for Alzheimer's disease. 
Early results suggest the drug -- known as PMN310 -- is more effective at stopping the spread of these toxic groups than other drugs getting trialled as Alzheimer's treatments.
Tests on mice also available it prevented short-term memory damage and may even change symptoms.
Around 850, 500 people in the UK have dementia and over 60 per cent of those have Alzheimer's disease.
In Alzheimer's, proteins build up within the mind developing either plaques -- triggered by beta amyloid -- or tangles: both destroy nerve cells and harm the brain.